Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sugar and Spite

Opening paragraph from my second novel, Sugar and Spite.

Frantic knocking disturbed Erin Forrester as she placed a bottle of Brouilly to warm next to the kitchen radiator. With heels click-clacking upon the fudge-coloured Minton tiles, she hurried down the hallway. Pulling open the front door of Magnolia House, Erin was greeted by an icy February blast which whipped around her ankles. Having listened to a few breathless words from the person standing in the doorway, the air was knocked from her lungs as a primordial howl filled the purple gloom outside.
It would only be later that she'd learn, it'd been her own voice which had wailed into the night.


  1. ooooh, intriguing!!
    devastating news and fudge-coloured tiles, fabulous.
    How far in are you Ange?

  2. Hi Megan
    Early days I'm afraid - only written four chapters, but I've made a template of what happens in what chapters, so it's all about knuckling down now! At least I can concentrate on it now that my final draft for Lies and Linguine has been sent off.
    Happy writing to you : )

  3. Just wanted to say hello - great beginning there - and Juliet is also my agent and she's the best!!! She's been working hard to place my current novel and we've come very close, then been knocked back but are now hopeful again. It's been a real roller coaster of a ride - hope things go more smoothly for you. I will follow progress - good luck


  4. Sorry forgot - you can find me at my blog or at