Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year.

I haven't got out of bed yet! I'm sitting propped up with a cuppa on my right, laptop on my knee and husband on my left. Sunny Cornwall seems so far away now, but it re-charged my flagging batteries. We stayed in the house in the photo, so you can see just what a delight it was. (my protagonist's parents live in this house)
Now it's time to metaphorically roll my sleeves up and get busy. I don't believe in making resolutions on new year's eve. I think you're setting yourself up for a fall if you voice huge changes to be made in your life. Instead, I just like to set myself goals which are achievable. I want to complete my second novel, eat a healthier diet, re-visit The Chelsea Flower Show, Cirque de Soleil and The London Book Fair. Last year at the LBF, so many stands were deserted because travellers couldn't fly due to the volcanic dust cloud. All that planning - then with one puff of smoke from mother nature, everything's cancelled.
One of my writing groups holds its Christmas buffet and awards night next Wednesday. Our previous attempt to hold it was blighted by the snow. (mother nature putting her oar in again) I've entered Lies and Linguine into a competition along with some other poems and prose, so I'm crossing everything that something may have won a placing. I would urge any new writer to join a writing club. I've entered competitions, attended workshops, made friends, read my work out loud for the first time, listened to constructive criticism and picked up many valuable literary tips. I wish I'd done it earlier!
Well, my tea's cold now and my husband has got up and walked the dogs on the village green whilst I've been typing. I can hear him stacking the dishwasher now, so guilt is kicking in and I'd better get up!
Oh, one more thing I'd like to achieve - find more followers for my blog.....

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  1. Best wishes for writing success in 2011 Ange. I'd certainly echo your comments on the benefits of joining a writers club. Apart from all the advantages it gives in gaining experience and feedback as you've found already, they don't think it's strange to have characters holding conversations in your head or even aloud as some non-writers do...