Monday, 4 March 2013

Catching The Night Train

Sitting here
On the night train,
Rushing and hushing through the dark,
And leaving you behind.
Raindrops, like tribal markings,
Obscure my view
Upon the dark glass on which I sigh.
An apricot dawn breaks and
Embraces the horizon.
You lied
When you said I was your beginning
And your ending.
I made you the owner of my heart
As you held my hand in yours.
But time spelt out the truth
And you were careless with my gift;
My love.
The sun rises, bringing clarity
To sight and thoughts.
Gazing at the passing trees, with leaves
Waving like Tibetan prayer flags,
I understand.
I only leant you my heart,
It’s not yours to keep.

Angela Barton