Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas in Cornwall

This Christmas the family are spending ten days by the sea in Cornwall. We've spent the last 15 years visiting this beautiful house over-looking Harlyn Bay. (far right of photo) As I type, I'm sitting by a crackling fire, mulled wine by my side and a box of Turkish Delight within arm's reach! If I can't find inspiration here, there's no hope for me!
I always think it's so much easier and more descriptive if a writer describes a place where they've visited. This morning I walked my spaniels along the beach. We stopped at the cave in the cliff which my protagonist, Tess, used to play in as a child. In one scene, Tess re-visits the cave whilst struggling with the dilemma of staying with her sick boyfriend or guiltily leaving him for the man she's fallen in love with. Guilt has a lot to answer for. How many lives have taken a different direction to the one which was desired, because of guilt?
The final scene to Lies and Linguine also takes place on this beach. I shan't elaborate - just hope that one day it will be published and you can read it for yourself!
I was thinking that if my novel was one day published, I'd like to print a few photographs in the back of the book. I read one of Freya North's novels where she'd done the same. I loved looking at the places she'd written about. It added a new dimension to the experience. With that in mind, on the next sunny day we have here, I'll be taking my camera down to the cave.

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