Thursday, 9 December 2010

Beautiful But Disruptive

No, I'm not talking about my spaniels! It's the snow which is causing havoc - and not just to motorists.
My first public reading was cancelled due to the fact that the snow prevented a full show of staff at the venue, so they closed the building early. It can't be helped, and at least I have longer to rehearse. I'm not sure if my silly spaniels are good critics or not as they listen to me read out loud in my writing room. On the one hand they don't criticize or suggest a re-write, but on the other hand, they invariably fall asleep and start snoring whilst I'm still mid-flow! I don't think contemporary women's fiction holds their attention.
Talking about not holding dogs'/people's attention, when I do read my first chapter at Antenna, do I suggest the men sidle off to the bar whilst I'm reading romantic women's fiction, or insist that they stay put and perhaps learn how a woman's psyche works?
No you're right.
They'll be happier with a pint of beer!

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