Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Friendly Blogger Award

A big thank you to Rosemary Gemmell who has awarded me this cute green smiley award. Rosemary is a very busy lady, but always finds time to be supportive and encouraging. If you don't already, please follow Rosemary's blog! You won't be sorry.

Having happily received my Friendly Blogger Award, I now have to pass it on to people I deem to be friendly! Actually there are too many to mention, but the lovely friends below regularly comment on my posts. So...*drum roll*... I award this smiley face to,

Avril Joy I met lovely Avril at The London Book Fair, and we've been in touch for advice and support ever since. We both share the same literary agent and dreams of publication.

Kay Kay is a lovely friend from twitter. She's always just a little tweet away!

Keith Havers Keith attends my writing group in Nottingham. He's a talented writer and very supportive of my blog.

Maria Smith Maria is a lovely friend from twitter who I've meet up with for coffee and cake. It's good to have a friend to discuss our writing ups and downs with, over a few (hundred) calories!

Megan Taylor Megan was very welcoming when I first joined Nottingham Writers' Studio and continues to support my blog. She is a gifted writer, guests at literary events around Nottingham and has successful novels published.

Pam Pam is a gorgeous lady who runs The Broadway Book Club. She's a prolific reader and shares her knowledge with us at the book club. Visit her blog if you'd like to know more.

Carol Bevitt Carol is also a Nottingham Writers' Club friend and sits on the commmittee with me. Her blog is always entertaining as she shares her writing ambitions with her followers.

Thank you all once again for the support and friendship you have shown me.


  1. AH! Just popped onto your blog and saw my name! and the lovely smiley Friendly Blogger Award - thank you so much Ange!I'm now going out with a big smile on my face

  2. Thank you!! You lovely supportive woman you xxx

  3. You deserve your award, Ange, and thank you for the lovely comments! Look forward to checking out the blogs you mentioned.

  4. Congratulations Ange, and thank you for the Award, from one friend to another.

  5. Thank you, Angela. See you on Wednesday.

  6. Thank you, Angela and congratulations on your award. See you next Thursday!

  7. Thank you, lovely award to receive...