Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My Versatile Blogger Award

I'd like to thank Carol Bevitt (Carol's Corner) for awarding me a Versatile Blogger Award. I hadn't had the best of days, so when I checked my computer for the last time before going to bed last night, I found a message from Carol. What a lovely end to the day! I believe I must tell you seven things about myself that you don't know, before passing on the award to seven other people. Here goes!

1. I'd love to write a novel set in the Victorian times. I'm starting some research with a visit to Southwell Workhouse in Nottingham this Friday.

2. I've worked in Riyadh Military Hospital, Saudi Arabia. I looked after tiny poorly babies in the Special Care Baby Unit.

3. I don't usually blow my own trumpet, but I'm a dab-hand at painting and wallpapering!

4. My favourite holiday destination is Amalfi and Ravello on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. It is a magical place which I've visited with my husband several times.

5. My sister, Jennifer, lives in Los Angeles, California. She moved there as a nanny, twenty five years ago. She has settled there with her family and sadly I only see her every 3-5 years. Happily though - I'm visiting her this September!

6. When I was 13, I ran away from home to find Marc Bolan!

7. I'm on the committee of Nottingham Writers' Club, a member of Nottingham Writers' Studio and a member of The Walk Book Club.

I award the Versatile Blogger Award to,




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  1. I am honoured to have this award - thank you so much x
    And I am sooo impressed about Marc Bolan. What a beautiful man....Off to do my awardsings too!
    Thank you again xxx

  2. Nettie, we seem to have the same taste in men! Spock and Marc Bolan. What is it with corkscrew curls and pointy ears!!.....and you're welcome!

  3. Hi Ange, loved your 7 things...laugh at running away to find Marc Bolan....! Thanks for sharing with us. x

  4. I am honoured too! Thank you very much Ange - As for men I'm afraid I'm a bit old for Marc Bolan -The Rolling Stones were always my fantasy

    A x

  5. Thank you Pauline and Avril. Boy, was I in trouble when I got back home from heading to London to find Marc!!! We laugh about it now, but think that's the most trouble I got in to when I was a teenager! What was I thinking?!

  6. Thanks for sharing these things, Angela.
    I was a T Rex fan but I only went as far as buying Ride A White Swan and Electric Warrior.

  7. Loved the seven things, Ange, especially the MB one. Lol! x