Thursday, 7 April 2011

Perfumed Hedgerows

I am delighted to find out that a recent poem I entered into a competition, was successful. The theme for the poety competition was, The Great Outdoors. I hope you enjoy reading it and it makes you want to pull on your walking boots and set off into the hills! Perfumed Hedgerows

Across the expanse of patchwork fields

A mist lies low,

Like a froth of fungi on forgotten fruit.

The moon's corona fades in the morning light

As pearls of dew hang from quivering webs.

The sun's warmth unfurls sleeping blooms

Which stretch and spread

Beneath the oak's vast canopy.

Trees sway on summer's sombre sighs,

Their branches draped in ivy necklaces

Clinging possessively.

Perfumed hedgerows wear budding flowers

Whilst pink blossoms blush and froth.

And boat-shaped puffs of cloud sail across the blue,

As yesterday's puddles are highlighted

With warm golden beams

As the sun's blaze awakens.

A shimmering heat-haze hovers

Trembling and twitching,

Levitating and dispersing the soft mist.

Swirling aromas

Of mown grass and honey-suckle

Drift through open windows,

Stretching smiles on faces who breathe

Its subtle scent.

Taking thoughts away from toil

Urging those who smell the summer breeze

To explore and delight

In the great outdoors.

By Angela Barton


  1. That has so put me in the mood for a springtime walk with the doggies. Lovely!

  2. Thank you Janice. Bit chilly today, don't forget your coat! X

  3. That's beautiful, Ange. And what lovely photos to ilustrate it.

  4. Lovely, especially relevent in today's sunshine.
    Well done.

    StudyingParent (Jan)

  5. Thank you so much Rosemary and Jan. I really appreciate that you've both taken the time to visit and leave a comment. xx