Sunday, 6 March 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Thank you so much to the talented and lovely Janice Horton who has awarded me a Stylish Blogger Award. ( In accepting this award, I understand that I have to tell you seven things about myself and award others the accolade too.

1. I have a deep fascination for all things Victorian. I especially love old photographs so I can see what they wore, where they lived and imagine what lives they led. For my third novel, I'd love to write a historical romance set in that era.

2. I think I have mild OCD! Number 3 is very important to me and it's not unusual for me to pick up the third newspaper or un-hook the third trolley from the supermarket. I've even given my hero, Daniel, (in my first novel Lies and Linguine) the same problem, following a trauma in his past.

3. I have an old-fashioned bicycle with the basket on the front. I'm looking forward to cycling along the village lanes when the weather warms up. I like nothing better than putting a little picnic, pen and notebook in the basket, and cycling somewhere pretty so I can write.

4. I'm on my writing group's committee. The group meets twice a month where we read/listen, give/receive positive criticism, enter competitions, socialise and have guest speakers. I would recommend joining a group to any writer.

5. I was educated at a girls' convent grammar school, where all the teacher's were nuns!

6. I live in a tiny pretty village where there is only one pub and no shops. I set my book, Lies and Linguine in this village, although my protagonist did pay several visits to Cornwall too!

7. My dream is to live and write in Charente, France, one day. I will cycle to the local village and buy French sticks and strawberry jam for le petit dejeuner. The sun will tingle on my skin turning it golden. The flowers will blossom in their beds and my vegetable patch will swell with bulbous deliciousness. Dragon flies will flit on the pond in my garden, occasionally breaking the surface tension of the water with tiny ripples. I'll pick ripe figs and bake tarts, speak French fluently and smell sweet wood-smoke on evening strolls. My words will flow like warm honey onto the pages and publishers will be trying to track me down..... Well, we all have dreams!

I've enjoyed reading and following many blogs, but sadly I can only choose a handful to pass on the Stylish Blogger Award. Here are some of my new friends and the lovely blogs they've created and whom I've chosen to award.

An last, but certainly not least, a lovely new blogger


  1. Why thank you! I feel so honored to be included!

  2. I loved reading your seven things, Ange.
    But you do realise by setting your novel L&L in 'your' village, every one of your neighbours will think they are in it!x

  3. Oh, meant to say, I'm looking forward to exploring your stylish bloggers blogs!

  4. You're very welcome Mariam. X

    Thank you Janice. Such a lovely positive way of finding new people. X

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  6. Oh thank you so much! My mum has a house in La Tremblade in the Charente Maritime - if you have a look here, you can see a whole series of posts which will give you that summery feeling!

    (link was wrong, sorry!)

  7. Thank you for the award, that's really lovely of you!! The number 3 is very significant in my life, too. It appears in all our dates of birth (i.e. mine is 13th, OH's is 31st, Amy's is 3rd and my mum's is 13th. We got married in 2003; the last house my mum and dad lived in before he passed away was number 3 (even though they used its name rather than the number).

    And I also love Victorian! We have recently been clearing out a downstairs room in our house and have realised that the fireplace is a beautiful early Victorian.

    CJ xx

  8. The photos look lovely Rachael and you're very welcome.

    You're welcome too CJ! I think the number thing might have come about because my birthday is Sept 3rd and as a child it was my lucky number!

  9. Thanks so much! I've only ever been given one award before! :D


  10. What a lovely surprise to see me included! There I was dreaming of dragonflies on ponds and breaking French bread with someone called Pierre when I see the racy writer mentioned! Thank you so much for thinking of me. You are much more deserving of the award than I am!

  11. You are so welcome Mme Guillotine. Your blog is delightful. X

    Hmmm! Breaking bread with Pierre. I like it! Hope you get lots of followers on your new blog. X

  12. Sorry it took me so long to come over.
    I am delighted to be included here; especially as I am far from stylish. Cross between a Valkyrie and a harpy with the dress sense of a bag lady is more the badger.

  13. Hi Viv
    Always lovely to hear from you. X