Saturday, 18 December 2010

Mixed Blessings

Oh my goodness! What have I done?
I received an email this week from a relatively small publishing company. They wanted to meet and talk in January about publishing Lies and Linguine. I was over the moon and informed my agent immediately. As I'm new to all this, I needed advice from a professional. She wisely advised me to let them know that I now had an agent who was intending to put my novel out to larger publishing companies mid-January, but that I'd be happy to meet them anyway. This I did.
Unfortunately, this changed everything for the publishers. They said that they'd want me to sign the contract in January in order for my book to be published early 2012. This would be before my agent had tried to find a larger publisher who might be interested in my work. She obviously couldn't promise to find me a better 'deal' and could I take the chance at losing a publishing contract?
The bottom line is that my agent had faith in my work and I have faith in her. I've made the decision to see what 2011 brings with her help. I've said no thank you to the offer and they have now offered the contract to their next choice of author.
Very nerve-racking, but very exciting too.


  1. Ag!
    But think you've done the right thing, Ange. trust your instincts.
    Great things will happen for you next year
    m xx

  2. Wow what a brave thing to do as a debut author, well done! I am sure your agent knows what they are doing. Myself and a friend of mine are readers for a small publishing company and my friend was given your MS to read, with which she gave back a raving review. So good luck for 2011, sounds like a promising story :-) x